Outsourcing Services

Obtaining specific services on demand

Hiring professionals by yourself is costly, unless you have a project of large scale. Also, managing such professionals may require more efforts and budget than expected.

Outsourcing your project will provide you a clear prospect and budget plan with less anticipation on your project's outcome. The followings are examples of how your project can be handled by MOA.

Outsourcing Construction Management (CM)
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Design Management
  • Facility Maintenance
What is CM?

Orchestrate the Construction disciplines.

To insure the best services from the professional at hand and seek competitiveness from each disciplines to obtain the best construction dollars.

Professionals Managed By Professionals!

A fully qualified professional will handle your project to secure the best resources, efficient scheduling, as well as the cost effectiveness. Thus, relieving you of the need to build a costly professional team within.

Examples of Our Involvement

Estimating your project

Based on your needs, we conduct the following studies and provide initial planning.

  • Selecting a location
  • New construction planning
  • Relocation planning
  • Lease planning (Build-to-Suit)
  • Assessing the selected property
  • F/S inquiry

All of the above inquiries are provided in anonymity, if you prefer.

We will obtain information from appropriate government or state agencies, property management companies, real estate brokers and developers to find a location or a property most suitable for your plan and budget.

Planning your project

Our in-house licensed architects will provide a design of your building or workspace. You do not need to make a commitment with a specific designing firm or construction company during the inception stage.

  • Initial design proposal
  • Estimate the costs
  • Inquiry on requirements and permits
  • Public hearing
Marketing Outsourcing
  • Product Marketing
  • Technology Marketing
  • Certification Assistance

Through Marketing Outsourcing, we have the resources from the Architecture Alliance by which we are able to gather the best skills and assess the marketability of the product. The product can be assessed by the standards of both the U.S. and the Japanese markets.

  • Marketability of Construction Material
  • Marketability of Energy Conserving Merchandise
  • Advising the Japanese Architecture