Our Services

We provide management of new construction, relocation and maintenance of your buildings, as well as outlining your construction plan and maintenance of your properties.

Outsourcing your construction management and maintenance lets you concentrate on your business without any anticipation on the on-going construction schedule or maintenance. We are professionals in construction and handle your project efficiently.

Our services include:
  • Management of your construction and its related issues
    We find necessary tasks and professionals to provide a cost-effective construction plan.
  • Management of construction professionals
    Our construction professionals (licensed architects and contractors) direct and manage various contractors of your project to assure the building's quality, maintain your construction schedule and costs.
Service options:
  • Option 1: Retainer
    Optimal when you can estimate required tasks consistent every month.
  • Option 2: Package
    Optimal for a project of small scale. Provides a fixed fee for your project.
  • Option 3: CostPlus
    Optimal for a project of large scale. Provides an initial estimated fee. An additional fee will be charged for each added task required to complete your project. We will cooperate with you for each stage (designing, actual construction, etc.) of your project to make it the most cost effective for you.